Thursday, 24 April 2008

Keep in Touch

Keep in 'Touch' (pic) by UMBA 2007 November Steamboat

Was reading a post from a friend's blog just the other day concerning 'friends' issue. It has become a very common matter these days. Find it hard to trust, sometimes do not know who can really be trusted. Hurts deep down. Feeling confused. Darkness overwhelmed. Worry how long can the relationship remain. Almost everyone been through the same stage. Some overcome this obstacle easily, but some still struggle in within. I'm in the grey area.

Everytime I send a message to a friend whom I have lost touch for sometimes, somehow there is an awkward feeling.

Of course, I need time to 'warm up' conversation with them when we meet face to face. Usually end up with unstopable conversation when time shows the word 'departure'.

Sometimes I would wonder what if I stay in the same school for a longer period and found myself a good friend and develop a better and longer good relationship since primary school, would I have a friend now whom I can proudly called 'a really good old friend'? It could be fun, wouldn't it?

I have always dreamt of having and envy other friends who have the so called 'good old friend'. Well, moving from one place to another may be easy to adapt for some people. I'm one. It has become a 'ritual' to me. Not that I have a choice. I have to learn fast adaptation. 'Learn it or loose it' was the situation.

2 kindergardens, 3 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, now uni. Kicked out from schools by headmasters/ headmistress for being the head of gangster in school. No one wants me. Too bad! Haha... Gotcha! Lame joke, lol. But the number of schools is true. No joke on the part.

After a few years in a school, I will have leave my friends and the familiar place where I thought I have settled down. Hard for a kid to say 'bye', 'see you again' and 'keep in touch'... when a kid has finally found a 'haven' that means a lot to him/ her. 'Immune' injected in me since then. That does not mean I am cruel and would not treasure what I had and have now. Just that I have to adjust myself faster, be brave, be tough, be 'cool'? haha...

One good things about this 'constant migrating' is that I get the privilege to see and understand more things from more different angles at different society and community. Able to make a great number of friends and be 'ge bo' =)

"Friends are easy to find, but hard to keep''

I'm glad God has always been there for me whenever I 'move'. He is my only 'really good OLD friend'. He gives me love, joy, hope, comfort, guidance, and always share my happiness and sorrows. My ever patience and loyal listener. Yea! My buddy!!

He bless me good friends wherever I am. Yes, each of you play a very important and different role in my life. Thank you! Really appreciate that. Sometimes the struggle with 'trust' still appear, but I'm learning to be wise. Yea, have faith!

Journey with obstacles is good, it gets us moving and mold us to be tougher!

Yep, I like it!

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