Wednesday, 23 April 2008

My Food Crave List

Yes. It's midnight now. I know I should be in bed and not suppose to do anything not worth of staying up late at this moment as this is the exam week. Just started the first paper on Journalism yesterday and tomorrow AW. Just weird. Don't know why am I not holding book or notes the whole day. Perhaps for a simple reason, I don't even know what to prepare at all. I am LOST!

My mind has been floating with food that I want to eat SOON!!!

The list can go on and on......

Here goes:
1. Superb duperb sinful chocolate with cheese browniesssss.
2. Ever delicious sushi with salmon and Tamago.
3. A big bowl of kimchi soup ramen. The spicier the better.
4. A big bucket of Baskin Robin ice cream, chocolate oreo mint yogurt rasberry...
5. Paramount's fried chicken nasi lemak. (Hehe... thanks amy for reminding)
6. I wanna try J CO's donuts.
7. Every single cake available in Secret Recipe.
8. Penang Asam Laksa.
9. Carbonara, cheese, meat ball spaghetti.
10. Dai shu giok's lieu fun.
11. Gravvy rice.
12. Dou fu fa.
13. ... ... ...

I cant think now. I see food, I'll grab it! Craving food like never before at this hour of time, siao!


1 cool lass said...

omg J.Co Donuts...the last time i ate was in Jan...
u gotta try it ^^

ireneC said...

ya... very looking forward now... =) will try it next sem!! now cant la.. broke d.. haha...