Friday, 11 April 2008

Assignments' OVER!!!

Went to Anita's place on Tuesday evening to rush the JR assignment which due Friday. Yea. It's over!! IT"S OVER!!! KO!!! Wahaha...

It was a heavy rain pour. We, as in Minyu, Nobita and me, were soak. Especially the shoes! My goodness... the rain was so heavy that when we came out from Digital Mall, we dare not to go near the main entrance. Everywhere was flooded. The main road in front of Jaya One and Utar. Crazy!!! What's the drain for?? Someone, do something about it!! Anyway, I only got my shoes wet when I came out of the car to enter uni again. 0,O"" So, while we were doing the assignment in uni, I was actually bare foot, haha....

Then we figured out it's better to do it together since most of us are not good in using the programme plus eagerly wanted to see our production done asap. Yeap! Called Nobita's mama for permission to stay over. Hehe... Love her place so much la! Her parents are so lovely and willing to let us stay over for the night.

Anyway, we had our dinner in a cafeteria at her place. The place was ok. The service was average. The food was ok. But I can only give 5/10 overall. Coz the pattaya I had was a bit tasteless towards the end. They should put in more effort man...

The night was horrible. From around 8pm-1am, we managed to finshed edit 1 page only. Then the night (should be morning) went on till 6am... with the munch of 'pao' from 'mama' and 'papa', junk food, sweets...

Felt kinda guilty coz I actually felt asleep around 4.30am plus, where we were almost done with the 3rd page. Left the last page. Sorry pals... I really dozed off.
The next morning around 6am, it was done.

Me and Jeannie went to the shop happily and eagerly to see the production being printed. Then, something happened! Seriously shocking! I almost burst out with "WHAT??" "NO WAY!!" "DON'T JOKE!!!". Ya... it was madness!! When we were almost coming to the point of printing it out, then only we realised that only the first page was edited in A3, the rest were all A4. I was so exhausted and felt so empty inside of me. There are only 2 days left and we need immediate amendment!!!

Called the editorial team and all came to my place to re-edit. Spent about 7 hours straight down again to re-edit everything. Everyone was seriously strained out. Furthermore, 2 days of sleepless nights with the tension of the newspaper production and the psycholinguistic quiz on Thursday are really beyond what I can handle. However, it was fine in the end. Praise God!!

My lovely group members, Anita, Megan, Ju, Jeannie and me with our proudly present newspaper 'The PJ Post'!! =)

Our 'The PJ Post' newspaper first page =) Special thanks to the Entangled Musical Production, Wern Loong and Rachel for the photos, Ian for the quote, Chee for the Calderwood's talk pictures, Lin Yoke for the help, Viv and Sarah for the advice, and all the people who helped us along the journey. Really appreciate from the bottom of my heart!!
Thursday night, I was so free, not sure what can be done to fill the emptiness all of a sudden. After the psycho quiz and the newspaper printing, I'm officially FREE!!! Wow!!
Went to makan the whole day non-stop today. Mamak, Secret Recipe, Murni... *ish* Keep eating je! I had a chocolate brownie and it taste as good as ever! YUM!!!

Oya! Finally tasted the 'Pink Panther' from Murni just now and it was superb!!! Sorry, forgot to take photo... but it was really good!! 8/10 I would give! =)

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