Saturday, 5 April 2008

Z006: SS2 Sik Ban Gai

This is rather an old post. Was kinda busy and some what we called "lazy" to post. haha... I went to this place called "Shi Ban Jie" or cantonese "Sik Ban Gai" last Wednesday with my lovely food gang, haha... (you know who you are) *wink*

Oya, it's located in SS2 somewhere near Maybank I think, if i'm not mistaken.

This brownish colour drink is Ice Lemon Tea, yea... I think you can guess right? haha... *lame* As for the taste, actually I'm not so sure too, forgot to ask... coz it's not my drink ma... but you can ask sarah... =)

Just thought of capturing the picture of the food and drinks coz they all look pretty good, well... I guess I just got used to it whenver it comes to meal time, sorry... Food is my crave now and forever, you will realised how irritating I can be especially during 'makan' time =P

Calimansi drinks. First time encountering such beautiful name. Okay, you may heard of it but seriously until now I still don't know how it derieved or what does it mean.

If I wasn't mistaken, it is kinda sour but overall it's fine. Right, Anita? =) Can't really recall details coz this is kinda 'overdue' information stored in my brain, sorry!

Yep! Guess what's this? Haha... as if you all have no idea, yayaya... it's soya leong fun alright... The taste is just fine and personally I think they are kinda generous too, they put quite a lot of 'leong fun' in my drinks... Thanks!! hehe...

Just thought of having some 'guessing' fun time with the pictures... haha... o,0''''

Pork Wat Dan Hor. This dish looks really healthy and yummy. I suppose it tastes good coz sarah finished it all up. =)

Wukii. My turn. My food. Black Papper Chicken Rice. Ya, I think it's pretty good in terms of taste and smell. The source mix well with the chicken and vege. It neither too salty or spicy. The rice is quite special coz they actually cook it with egg. So, it's not just any other plain rice. =)

Salad erm... sorry... forgot the name behind. But as you can see, the salad looks good. I'm sure the person who prepared this did a good job, pretty delicate. Megan enjoyed it. =)

Chicken Burger. Looks different from the normal burger that you can get from fast food outlet. It's a 'okay' burger. I think 'my-no-fast-food-record' till today is alomost reaching 3 months, haha =)

Fried Pork. Erm... basically I don't think I remember Ju saying anything like "Wuu... superb!" So, I think it's okay. Correct me if I'm wrong Ju. =)

Alright, last but not least! Guess again!!! Hahaha.... It's Bone!!! Wakaka... gotcha! =P

Overall: 7/10


ViViEnNe said...

cold sweat....i guessed it all!!!!=p hehehhhhheheheheh....

KahJoon said...

yummy yummy..i wan go try out one day..