Thursday, 27 March 2008

Z004: Dream Cafe & DUMC Dedication Dinner

It's been a while now... Yea, I was really exhausted with lots of things on hand this week and I hardly seems to be awake during class sometimes. Today, I finally took a nap when I reached home. It was so GOOD and I could barely open my heavy eyelids when I received a call... (Yea... You didn't woke me anyhow even though I sound as if I was awake, haha...) I even replied my sms-es with my finger still holding on the last button 'Send' and continue with my sleep, haha...
Last Sunday, Easter Day, also Dumc's Dedication of Dream Centre Celebration Dinner. Started with the Sunrise celebration at 6.30am and Sunday Celebration at 10am... Dedication Celebration at 5pm and Dinner at 7.30pm. Yeap, Almost the whole day spent in church, haha!
Lunch with Spaghetti from the Joy Cafe in Dumc was so good... Hey, it's only rm4.50, okay? Must eat again sometimes, hmm..mmm....
The dinner was superb. Imported all the way from Setiawan, PERAK!!! Yes!! My state, yea!! Anyway, let me show you the main characters on the table...
This is menu of the day...

This is a mouth watering appetizer... big portion though.... I can't wait to know what's next after tasted this superb dish.

Shark fin soup. Quite good. Smooth and the taste is not too heavy, just nice. Though I'm kinda against eating anything to do with shark fin. (sorry, i'm against of so many things)

Pork with buns. The meat is tender and tasty. Yumm.... Don't judge it's look yea...

Mixual of a part of fish with some vege. The taste was kinda sour, sweet and a little spicy (but I don't think it's spicy at all). Really good. BEST recommended. I wanna eat this again for sure.

This one I don't have to explain much right? Yes, smart... that's steamed fish. Just the way I like it always. Meat is soft and the source is simple enough to go with the taste of the fish.

Prawns!! Yeap! It's superb. Yummy... =) I did not used my fingers (not even one) to take off the skin, haha... Geng le?? Used only with chopsticks le... wakaka... expert is here =)

Pai se la this one. Blur. Anyway, this is a mix vege dish. Looks simple but it's pretty good.

This is really special. I have never tasted anything like this before. A mixual of 8 kinds of fruits in the rice. Cool huh? Superb!!!

Too bad! When it was towards the end of the dinner, it was starting to drizzle. So, the dessert was kinda like gobble everything and run before we get wet situation. And ya... no picture on it. But it was a Longan thingy. Good. Anyway, it did not rain after all. Just drizzle. Haha... should have stay there and finish everything slowly. Praise the Lord!!! No rain!!!

Yesterday, CF had a bible study session. Farewell for our advisor.
And these are the food we all had. We all had pisang goreng, keledek goreng, longan cake, chicken biscuits from Kampar, Wang2 biscuits, sweets... Those who couldn't join us, too bad. It was like a feast, haha... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Went to Entangled Musical Production by UM PKV yesterday. It was more than what I've expected. Praise Him!! I'm sure He was really pleased with the efforts they put in to glorify Him! You all did an amazing job!! *Salute*
Ya... My long awaited food in list. Ribenna Special from Murni. Next target: Carrot Milk Special. =)


ViViEnNe said...

heyy!!!!teach me how to do the prawn thingy!!!!argh!!!

ireneC said...

yes viv! will teach u... when we go makan prawn that time ya??