Sunday, 2 March 2008

Another Saturday & Z001: Piccadilly

To me, Saturday has always been a wonderful day for me before University. I would make full use during this day to spend time with my family, friends, and Him. It means so much to me. This is a day when I rest, eat, watch movie, shopping, exercise...

Until last year, when I finally entered Uni. It has been very different.
Last year, my Saturdays......
1. Had classes in the morning
2. Rush assignments
3. Rush to pudu to get home
4. Too tired to do anything... SLEEP =)
5. Go to church =)

This year, *haihz*
1. Have classes in the morning
2. Replacement classes in the afternoon
3. Go to church =)

Yesterday has been good. Had a mid term in the morning. Instead of the usual 8am class, it starts at 11am (haha...) Didn't really finish studying also. Read the notes during Friday's moral lecture when others are doing presentation in front (can't concentrate, kinda boring ma... blaa blaa... sorry lo!), during the break, just before cg meeting starts and half and hour before the mid term (wakaka...). Reach Uni late and I thought Datin would kill me when I entered the lecture hall (I survived). Anyway, the test was fine I think.

Later that, NO REPLACEMENT CLASS!! Excellent!! Su Teng, Debbie, Viv, Jeannie, Megan, Sarah and me went to Sec 14 to have lunch and 'gai gai'...

When we were about to reach the food court, something happened. Viv was walking beside me, she hold to my arm very suddenly and at first I thought she wanted to crack another joke with me. Then like 3 seconds later only I found out her face was PALE and GREEN! (hak sei ngo) Then we walked her to the nearest table to let her rest there. Fanning, buy choc, order warm Milo... Everyone who pass by came to ask this and that... (concern ma) Later she was fine anyway and we had lunch together.

Then went 'gai gai' lo... here and there... In the end, Sarah and me went to Jaya 33 to get some stuff. Half way, we found mash mellows! Haha... both of us kinda 'siao' that time. I think we were kinda too free as we have another 2 hours before the celebration starts.

We went straight to church after that. Settled down with our super thick newspaper and mash mellows =)I love mash mellows and it's reallllliiiii good!! Yum yum....

Kevin's pie... from DUMC cafeteria. He was eating this when I was having my mash mellow...

After the celebration, went to Piccadilly (forgot how to spell). The food there was 'ok la'! The funniest thing is that whenever the waiter or waitress brought our drinks, they don't even know the name =,=". So, we were confused every time they bring the drinks. Ask them? Ha.. I think I can guess better. They played the BSB songs and Ervinna, Carol and me were kinda tuned into it. It's like bringing back to my primary school time. The food was 'ma ma dei' lo. I mean it's alright, just that nothing really special it seems.

Something I wanna share here. Only realised that when I was about to leave that place.

This staircase reminds me of a lesson I learned sometimes ago...
The left side of the staircase is smooth all the way down.
As for the right, is the normal staircase.

If we go down from the left side, we can walk as freely as we want it to be. However, the risk is there. We might fall if we are careless.
As for the normal staircase, we must follow the sequence. Yes, we tend to be more careful with our every single steps. But the longer we have walk down with the 'fixed' staircase, we will get use to it.

You get what I mean? I don't really mean just walking down the staircase, please look more than just a staircase...

Ervinna's ice honeydew from Piccadilly... looks pretty good!

This picture is not mainly to let you know 'This is Chicken Chop!" Check out properly! It's a spoon instead of fork! Aha! Expect Sandy to eat with spoon and knife, joker la this cafe! =,="

Finally, Ervinna and my pattaya. Somehow, I think my egg is a bit not artistic though. The taste is fine.

I think overall 6.5/10 for Piccadilly only. Gambateh la!

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