Monday, 4 January 2010

First day

Peering out from the car window, a few buildings stood magnificently on one huge compound with a big green football field at the front. Cars and buses move in snail speed towards the front of the gate, with many other vehicles parked by the roadside. Some looked anxious, the other looked excited, together all march bravely and eagerly to one direction.

Who knows what lies ahead, who will we meet, or what memories hold in us when we looked back years after.

I have been to many of my first day in a new place, yet the feeling remained the same. The typical scenes always appear. The unbeatable anxious heartbeats and the clouded confused mind never seems to synchronize with the my body movement well in a total unfamiliar new environment. It makes all the worst, the hardest day to smile and laugh naturally.

Years that passed had taught me how to handle things better. Just sail with the flow and face it with ease, no one needs to be perfectly great on the first day. Jump into the pond and mark a historical day in life! It is easier to be ourselves after all.

Those who are first day in school today, have fun and enjoy it to the fullest!

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