Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Listened real hard

Halfway through the dinner, came a family seated at the other side. Their features caught our attention. Handsome, I must admit, hahaa! Wait. That's not my main point yet... Somehow, their features.. not much local-like. So the guessing game began. My first shot was Japanese. Not very convince. Was trying to listen to the language they were using. Speak louder wei, talk more... Eh? English... but the way they conversed were not the one we were familiar with, or was it some Hokkien? I suggested to stay for a little longer to find out (*ahem*sensory acuity) Know what, they spoke Hokkien and English, hohoho... Local la most probably. Hardly believe we actually thought they were foreigners. A local trying to find out another local's identity. *rolled eyes*

Imagine, if this happened:
"Er... sorry to bother you, just wanna know where are you from?"
"Huh? I'm from where you are from lar... Lu siao ah? Ciak baa bo su zuo!"
"... ..."


Su Ee said...

Yeah... Lu ciak baa bo su zo ah?
Maybe Foochow kok...

ireneC said...

Su Ee, lu mien kun ah? =P