Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nice Shout

Met up with friends the other day for dinner. There was this moment I stood up for some reasons that I cant recall. One very loud angry and demanding voice suddenly shouted "IRENE!" I froze. I think probably my heart beat missed out one count. It struck me as if I was back in old school days when you get those shouting by discipline teacher for going against the rules. The shout was so bad that as if I have messed the place by shooting everyone in the restaurant with water gun. I remained in the same position, slightly turned my head and looked for the source of the voice. When I was very certain that lady who shouted was not my acquaintance, I slipped my butt back into the seat. My friends stared at me with those what-is-going-on-and-you-better-explain curious eyes. Hey, I didnt do anything wrong, hahaa. I think she was shouting at one kid who went into the restaurant, whom happened to share the same name. Oh lady, please dont do that in public, do you know you can freak out all the Irenes out there in broad daylight?

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