Friday, 6 March 2009

Am I being too harsh?

Last Sunday, I sent in a feedback to Sushi Zanmai online. Told them what I encountered with my friends in their restaurant, hoped they are able to study from the reflection of a customer. Obviously, I wouldn't expect much of a respond coz feedbacks here are very commonly being ignored.
2 days later, they replied, thanked me for the piece of information and promised to study the situation.
2 days after the first reply, the person in charge of the restaurant sent an email to apologise upon the incident, also mentioned action has been carried out. Inviting my family and I to dine in there with their complimentary voucher offered. He assured every customer will be served with better service. If I would to choose to make reservation in future, he will accept.
What I want to say is that, of course I'm glad that they replied to apologise and realised the incident.
However, I would still choose not to step into the restaurant anymore in future. I always believe that the first impression make a big impact, be it good or bad. The 40 minutes plus experience seriously tested my patience with customer service. I am not a customer that crave solely on food alone, when I leave the place with the 'That's it!' unsatisfaction, that is really it.
I really do appreciate they make the effort trying to improve their services from now.
I sincerely wish you all the best in the future, Sushi Zanmai in Sunway Pyramid.
"Am I being too harsh?" The answer is 'No'.


F!ojo said...

Not using the vouchers? Kasi mari... I dont mind using them. Tehehehe...

ireneC said...

Are u sure? Well, IF u really wanna go, then let me know, I book a table for u in advance =)