Wednesday, 25 March 2009


I was LICKED!!!
My friends and I went to a friend's place to hang out. We were warned that there's a dog belongs to the housemate when we arrived, but it does not bite. I was feeling quite excited, mainly it is because I love dogs and only cute dogs, hahaa... (yes, i'm bias, i know!)
When we reach upstair, the dog was carried and showed us. My first impression was "What an adorable dog, wish I could have one too..." *Shh!! Dun tell Mikko!*
Toby is its name.

Toby was hugged by so many people and was under the spotlight for the whole time although the initial intention of the hang out was 'majong', haha...

Toby is such adorable and tame. It wont bark or jump or run everywhere. Whenever someone hold it, it will remain calm and play along.

Well, when you see such cute doggie, how could you resist the photo shooting, right?

While I was holding the fellow close under my chin, just before my friend was able to take a shot of me and Toby, this fellow turned its head up and licked my face all over generously. =,=" I was licked all over again and again... I know, it likes me, hahaa!

Even though my friend gave me a green light to slap it when it chewed my hands and fingers, I could hardly slap it with any energy at all. Too adorable to slap, but I did warn it not to do so though.

Anyhow, it was great to hug such a tiny cute doggie in the arms once again... Yes, I do miss Mikko when he was still in the tiny size when I can hold him up and hug it in my arms. The Mikko now is simply too hugh for me to carry at all, the size of his waist is even bigger than mine, haha...

Look at him, isnt he cute?


Vi Vio Violet~ said...

Undeniably, Toby is cute BUT i still have phobia towards dogs no matter how tame they are..*sigh*

ireneC said...

haha... so funny when i saw u standing on the chair to play majong... should have taken a pic of u, hahaa...

I miss Toby's furry body, so nice to stroke and hug... =)

BelLs~! said...

when did u take those pics of Toby? but i do agree tat he's REALLY CUTEEEEE!!! i would really love to have a dog like tat though i can't afford it now =(

ireneC said...

The one on top is when LCY holding Toby, then I quickly snapped the picture of it without LCY, hahaa... U know la, that fellow always hold Toby till it cant make a move at all, so I managed to snap it. The botton pic was taken by myself when I was holding it. =)

Adorable!! I miss Toby!!