Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Fill my tummy with some triumph joy
Ocean of varieties with no end
Onomatopoeia of wondrous amazement
Dimly lighting the 'hungry' word

Finally the very first post is up. Had some problem with the template a few days ago. Just had it done. Guess I just have to learn more and explore it myself. *kinda proud of myself*

Had a lecture class today after the 11 days of Chinese New Year holidays. I can hardly bring my total focus with my mind still hanging on with superb yummy CNY delicacies in Ipoh. The 1 week break was really good, gave me time to relax and spend time with my family, friends and Mikko the most handsome dog. *grin*

Most of all, well, not to make it as if it sounds so supreme, I had my precious time spent with sleep and FOOD!! Wahaha!!! Had quite a lot of meat (note: no fast food), biscuits, cakes, nuts, 'chu chiong fun', 'ba gua', steamboat, tom yam bee hoon,... The few things on my food-list-i-wanna-eat-during-cny that i didn't manage to eat are new year rice cake, 'kao yok', 'lui cha'... *sob* Still, my new record Anti-Fast Food shall remain till...
Hey! Don't try to tempt me, alright?

Fast food = unhealthy + global warming + unnecessary fat......

Seriously, I personally think food has the power of cheering a person's mood. Every time I had a meal of some delicious food, it seems automatically switch my mood to 'HAPPY', just like a snap of fingers. Hmm... I get excited even when my nose senses or my eyes spot my target ^,^

Let me apply what I've learn today during Academic Writing.
Comparison: The similarity between 2 or more things.
Contrast: The differences between 2 or more things.

Subject to subject method: (Draft 1)
I can simply get delicious food in any area of Ipoh. The varieties of food is like heaven on earth. I can easily get to my destination and locate a parking. Best of all, the price is simply affordable by anyone. Whereas, in PJ, the food are not up to the standard and usually too sweet unless you go to classy cafe or restaurant. The varieties are just adopting the food from everywhere. You can hardly get any local unique food. The traffic has been well known, need to explain more on parking? You must be kidding! The price is the highest in PJ and sometimes you will find the price of food is simply half more expensive than other places in this country.

Till then, have to study for quiz on Psycholinguistics of this week. Lots to catch up and reading...... *fuh*

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