Thursday, 21 February 2008

Interfac meeting is finally over!!

Ya... Today had been really interesting enough though pretty tired.

Imagine I did it again!
Yes, if you know what I mean here. I woke up late AGAIN!!
This phenomenon happens every semester without fail.
Today, I woke up half an hour before my class starts. Started walking to school around 10 minutes before 10am (normally I set off 25 minutes before). Superb beautiful bright heart warming sunshine and thank God for the breeze. Sweat (real sweat, not =.=")! With my bag filled with lots of heavy stuff and hand fulled with heavy loaded important stuff for the day (laptop & door gifts).

By the time I reached, I couldn't see anyone from my course walking at the corridor. Peeping around the classes from the windows didn't help. Only found out that my replacement class is conducting at another block =,=" when I finally check on my notebook. Ya... More morning walk! The moment I step into the correct place, I really felt like as if I was dragged out from a lake. Really thank God that the class haven't start. There were a class in the room that ended their class late. So, I manage to get there ON TIME (whatever way I define this)!!

Utar CF is holding 2 mega events this semester. Today was the Interfaculty Meeting and PJ campus is the host.

Was preparing the door gifts a few days ago. Thank God for Anita and Megan to be there to help out Ju and me. So happy to have great friends like them =)

Spent almost more than 2 hours in Old Town at Jaya One there to do the writing, punching, sticking...

Of course, it's was not done. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I brought all the door gifts back with me and finish the finale part.

So these are the finale part where I haven't put up the strings. All being laid on my table. There goes my collection on seashells, proud of you all for being such beauties.

Not today, yesterday!! The event finally came and it's over! Am glad and happy!
The games were really testing on their vocal, observation...
Praise and worship... SKETCH!! Funny la those who acted... very spontaneous and real good jokers.
Food was great! 'Makan'.... fellowship... pictures snapping...
Altogether, I'm now really tired and need more rest! Have to prepare for the quiz on Friday and assignments duedates...

Still, it's always worth of doing His job =)

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