Thursday, 17 July 2008


In the middle of the night where most of the people in this region are in bed, having a long rest of the day. Someone is clearly wide awake with the noise of sneezing every now and then, trying to finish some work that needs to be done. WorkSSS that need to be done before the due dates start dashing into the hectic schedule like meteor striking earth. *vroomm.... BOOM!! haha...*

However, having this flu does not help much, but contributing disastrous into the situation. *dgong! smack head real hard*

Last week, sore throat. Recovered super fast. Praise God! *grin*
This week, flu. Hmm... still recovering.

"Hey! Focus and move on to the next line... stop staring and repeating the same sentence again and again"
"You there! Control the mucus... !!!"
"And You!! Start tasting the food like once! Stop imagining the taste of the food!!! It's pathetic!"
"You- You- you- you- start behaving, don't lose control and listen to ME- the brain!!"

Someone please shout "Have faith and you are healed!" Amen

Lesson of the day: "Don't get sick!! Ever!! Got it????"
"Where got time to be sick now?"

Get back to work...

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