Sunday, 6 July 2008

Lovely children

Intended to post something about my complaint against some dissatisfactions towards some people, some pathetic system and ...... Yes, I lose my cool just a few days ago. It nearly forced me to the stage of RAWRing.

Somehow this post didnt manage to finish. Well, I am pleased, and I'm sure He's very pleased too.

Early this beautiful Saturday morning, 5 of us went to Social Club in DUMC. This ministry is where special children gathered to have fellowship with one another, also with some helpers once in every first week of the month.

There was a sense of anxiety even before I stepped out of my apartment. Guess I was just too influenced by the book that talked about the story of an autistic boy, Christopher. So much so that, I actually even consider what colour of shirt is appropriate and I keep remind myself not to hug them or talk too fast or laugh wildly. *ahem, behave*

At first, I was really anxious when Tracy, the head of the ministry team, only briefly explained the programme of the day and didnt really touch on the topic of 'don't-s'. Basically, I have no idea what I should not do. Like says, I should not give a high five, touch or hug them and etc.

In that particular book I read stated these in the context of Chris:
1. He doesn't like the colour of yellow and brown.
2. He doesn't like strangers, even people he knows to touch him.
3. He doesn't like different kind of food that touches one another on the same plate.
4. He doesn't like crowd.
5. He doesn't like story book, because it's not real.
The list goes on ... ...

Later, I realised they are not like Chris. They are like the little children that I have met during NS years ago. Only they are slightly taller and bigger in size. I mean some are in their teens and youth.

We started off with some actions songs, followed by some activities planned by the ministry team. They were group into their usual group as usual (4 groups: Mozart, Newton, ... *forgot*) I was placed as helper in the Mozart.

First, the making of chinese vege dumplings ('bao'1). Arts and crafts: Paper made caterpillar. Games: Cloths hanging & Musical chair. Last, MAKAN time!!! Also, celebrated JX's birthday.

From what I observed, some are pretty normal and can even tell me jokes, some are slower and passive, some are a little hyper. But one thing for sure, all of them are really HAPPY kids. I mean, you look at them, you can find true joy in them. They don't complaint much (most of them), enjoy doing little things, give very possitive responds, very well disciplined and smile sincerely (really touching).

Some scenes that touched me in some ways:
1. There were a few kids went to shake hands with some helpers, they are the one who stretched out their hands before the helpers do so. Cool huh? Very sporting!
2. They wait patiently for their turns and asked for anything very politely.
3. The helpers are very friendly and can even call them out each by name without mistake and recognised their characters (there are at least 25 of them). *salute*

Now I sit here and think about everything I have learned from them this morning. Who am I to complaint when there are children who knows how to find joy in everything they do each day. They are brave, happy, content and grateful.

They may be imperfect in the eyes of the world, but they are always the most perfect creations in the eyes of the Lord. May God bless them strength, wisdom, boldness, joy in the journey of faith.

Just this morning, I have make new friends with these cool fellows!! Feeling so blessed!

This ministry team needs more young helpers. Most of the helpers are either retirees (ex-CEOs)or at least above 35. I think I'll continue going there to help out in anyway I can. Wanna join me? Let me know =) You'll be touched!


jeannie said...

Hey! Where is the place?? I wanna join!

ireneC said...

Hey! Really? It's in my church, dumc, behind vision new media and renault (beside Jaya 33)...

It's a once a month ministry, I'll let u know once I'm informed with the next schedule, okay?

jeannie said...

OK!! wanna go see see...scared though...never deal with special children b4.

ireneC said...

No worries. They are really easy to handle. The helpers there will brief u first. I helped them as if I played with the normal children. =)

jeannie said...

cuz i'm not reli good in handling children oso ma.. hahaha! :P

Eng chin said...

good experience and u will find joy in helping out in this ministry. Two words to explain those kid in God's kingdom, Childlike faith. By the way, my name is eng chin or some call me michael in uni. Glad u guys involve in social work.

GOD bless this Ministry. and hope u learn something from it.

ireneC said...

Hey Michael!
Thanks for dropping comment here =) Ya.. a wonderful experience for sure.

Eng chin said...

Advice to those interested doing social work especially special kids. Trust me, its not easy from the start. But as time goes on. U will find a kind joy u can't find in the outside when u have work with them.

Thank God For this children where He created them in their special way.
Talking about social work, i can't finish writing. so anything just contact me la. U know who i am. Heheheheeh