Monday, 14 July 2008

One Life, Do Something

One Life, Do Something!

One Life exhibition organised by World Vision and in partnership with Community Excel Services was held in DUMC from 8-13th July 2008. It is a journey to see, hear and experience the tragedy and triumph lived out by the real children affected by HIV/AIDS and child trafficking.

It is truly an amazing experience where you get to walk into their lives and listen to their real life stories. As you walk, there are photos displayed on the walls, maps showing the geographical area where the child is living, real life materials laying around portraying the settings and stories together with music played by the headphone along the journey.

The real life stories are based on the three children from Cambodia, India and Malaysia: Srey Mom, Jothi and John.

They are just three out of so many children out there in this world facing tremendous suffering each day of their lives, a life without choice. Fears overwhelmed. Worries increase day after day. Death becomes a norm. Feeling hopeless, sadness, emptiness and despair.

Who shall they thrust? Who can give them hope?

World Vision is doing what they can to provide these children the basic needs, give them the protections and most of all-LOVE!

Are you ready to DO SOMETHING now? There are defintely a few things you can contribute to make this world a better place for someone by giving what you can.
1. Donation
2. Adopt a child/ children
3. Be a social worker/ helper
4. Pray for them
5. STOP COMPLAINING your life! Be thankful!

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