Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Dear Bernice

Dear Bernice,

You have brought me happiness, joy and laughter during my stay in Johor. Thank you so much! You are such a sunshine to everyone! I love you always! *HUGS*

From your aunt

This wonderful chubby little girl has brought so much joy in everyone's heart. She is not the only chubby little fellow there when I was in Johor. I miss Benben, Amos, Celine, Lele, Daniel, Eric, Asher... SO MUCH!!!

Below is a conversation between Bernice and me in Mandarin.
[I have tried my best to remember everything we said]
I: Hey Bernice!
B: (looking at me shyly) *Ran off one round, came back and sit there again*
I: Where have you been?
B: 'Gai gai'. (Eng: walk walk) *Ran off one round, came back and sit there again*
I: Where were you?
B: I went to work in Kuala Lumpur! *Ran off one round, came back and sit there again*
I: Aren't you tired, running up and down? Haha...
B: Noo...hehe! Also I brought Benben (her brother) along to Kuala Lumpur.
(the conversation continued)

What a kid!
First round- 2 words.
2nd round- 1 sentence.
3rd round- 2 sentences.
4th round- Tak habis-habis "blah blah blah..." Haha!


After the first round of warming up on the first day, she's my good friend already, muahaha!

She would tell me how she'll cook fishes the whole night, asking me what kind of flavour do i want it, yet she will definately put chillies everytime when she literally 'give' me the fish by hand, haha... Benben would imitate everything his sister does. And we repeated every single same procedure again and again...

During the tea ceremony at another day, Bernice kept sticking to my bro, holding his hand everywhere he went. Goodness! You really should have see how a kid can be such a 'sticky kid'!

The worst thing is that when my sister introduced her the idea of trading brothers. Without even thinking more than a seconds, she agreed to trade Benben with my bro. Haha... See!! This kid is so adorable!! Her mom told her "How can you trade your one and only brother without my permission?" Haha... She doesnt seem to bother much though... o,0

I am so glad I managed to make it to my cousin sister's wedding in Johor. So much laughter and joy during the family reunion. I miss everyone so much!! Thank God for everything!!

I had a terrific weekend! Yes I did!


F!ojo said...

Hahahaha... and who was the sister who traded your brother? Oh well, only great minds would think and agree on such a trade okay?

I missed the little cutie too. I don't remember which morning it was but she was actually angry at Jen and ditched him, cuz Jensen rejected her request, finally, of following her back to her house. :P Jensen came to me and told me that Bernice was angry at him. Hahahaha... Cute, even when she's angry.

But I wouldn't wanna trade my brother away la. His wonderful temper is one of a kind, I wouldn't wanna loose it. :P Benben has the temper of a bull, man, he can be nasty. I DOWAN!

ireneC said...

Benben and Bernice fight. i mean they really beat each other up regardless of how others trying to pull them apart. Cute, yet violence, ahaha...

I took a picture of her and Jen when she keeps asking Jen to follow her back home, so adorable!

F!ojo said...

Eh kid, send me the pictures with her lips curling up. Nyahahaha...