Friday, 19 December 2008

Still Feeling Extremely Happy

The past post I mentioned regarding I'm feeling super duper happy until now shall be revealed here and now!

Make a wild guess...
Gave up?
"I've moved out!"

Yes. I am officially moved out. Again. Haha...
First year- once... Second year- again... Third year- I dont know..

Well, I really like the place where I'm currently staying. It's so much like HOME!! Awesome!!

After the breakfast early in the morning, we started cleaning. We managed to clean basically everything that we can touch on. It gave me a feeling as if we were cleaning for the sake of a festival, says Chinese New Year? haha...

Lunch was our only break and rest in between. Immediately resumed to moving our stuff over right after the short break.

I didnt pack anything at all. Not even putting anything into boxes or what-so-ever. To be honest, I left all my belongings where it has been all the while the same spot, not an inch was moved.

Are you wondering why now?
That's because...
"I'm moving to the opposite unit!"
o,0" 'zha dao?' haha...
All I have to do: Carry - move - arrange...
In and out of the apartment like nobody's business. At least more than 20 times.
The 13 hours of cleaning and moving was extremely exhausting. We were completely worn out. I didnt even have the appetite or bother to have dinner at all. All I wanted was a nice shower and also a good night rest. I think this can even beat the 20km marathon. I dont think I would ever wanna move again... but that's what I told myself last year June, and here I am contradicting myself, haha...
The new 'Home' is now so much organised and clean! I love this place!
Credit must be given to all my beloved house mates who were so 'semangat' to make this place so happening and an extremely wonderful new beginning for next year! Great job, everyone! I love you all! *HUGS*
And lastly,... I'm still very happy... hehe!!

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