Saturday, 13 December 2008

Let's dance!!

Just this morning, the moment I heard my super LOUD alarm clock went off, I woke up instantly without a second delayed. I was worrying sick that I couldn't get up for my morning exam paper since the night before. Well, you know... *ahem* I was waking up at late hours since a few days before, haha... Whatever~ =P

I was having a dreadful feeling that the poem 'Tembusu' will be in the paper the moment I woke up this morning. So, I went through the poem again before I set off to uni. I just can hardly believe that the poem that I dread of IS IN THE PAPER!!! AARRGHHH....!!! I can clearly recall the last time I dreamt about exam question was just the night before an exam, some years back when I was in secondary school. Can you imagine that the exact question I dreamt of actually came out? I know it sounds crazy, it's true! It happened again this morning! o,0"

Basically, I think I did my best to crap a lot in the explanations. *aiks* I hope it sounds logic enough, haha... I was joking with Shan before entering the examination hall that we shall do our best to CRAP, and I think we can manage to do so after the intensive-crap-training we had in these 2 years, haha... We had enough practice, I suppose!

Just wanna update a little about the paper I had today- Malaysian Literature.
There were altogther 4 sections in the paper: A. Short Story B. Novel C. Poem D. Drama

As I was doing Section C- Poem, the all-time-killer-section for me. Only 2 words to describe the moment when I was tortured to finish it up--> 绝望!!! (hopeless/ end of the world/ Argh!!) Really hope it turned up well, coz I did what I can to 'juice-out' my brain. Was kinda 'scolding' the poets as I was doing revision yesterday, "Why do you write so many miserable poems? You are simply torturing my life, do you realise that? Go sleep la, so free!"

Well well well, it's all OVER now!!! In a mood to SING OUT LOUD!!!
*I can only mute my voice with my mouth open wide singing out loud at the moment, pathetic right? Why? My housemates are still in exam fever, they will kill me if I ever S-O-L!! Haha... Anyway, I'm a good housemate I am, hehe.. perasan gila, haha!!*
jump... jump... jump... JUMP... JUMP!!!
Jump with me!!!


amy2kyo said...

you siao zha bor...! exam questions also can be dreamt wan ah? lol. anyway, glad that everything's over for now. it's HOLIDAY! despite the fact that we've got chapter 1 (fyp) to do! lol...

Happy holiday to youuuuuuuuu :)

ireneC said...

haha... blessed with having to able to dream of question right before exam, fun hor? hahaa...

FYP hmm... not so bad la... have to start early, better than late.

Happy Holiday and have a blessed Merry Christmas!! =)